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DMV Intergroup

DMV Intergroup

Maryland Intergroup (13A) organizes Gamblers Anonymous in Maryland, the District of Columbia, and Northern Virginia.

  • Connecting those in need with local meeting information

  • Hotline directing callers to local members

  • Announcements and Events

  • In-program resources

What is Gamblers Anonymous Intergroup?

"Intergroup is a service structure of Gamblers Anonymous that is composed of elected and/or selected representatives from Gamblers Anonymous groups in the same geographical area. 

An Intergroup meets on a regularly scheduled basis (usually once a month) to discuss mutual problems and ideas.  This enables area groups to resolve problems and function better as well as keeping lines of communication open between the groups.  


Intergroup usually selects members to form various committees and sub-committees that will serve the needs of the area in carrying the message of Gamblers Anonymous. 


Some of the functions of an Intergroup include public relations, pressure-relief meeting assistance, telephone-answering service, open meetings, sponsorships, etc.  The work of Intergroup is guided by the Gamblers Anonymous Recovery and Unity Steps within the framework of the Gamblers Anonymous program. 


Intergroup is responsible to those it serves and one vital function of it is to reduce the need for lengthy and frequent business meetings at the individual group-level." ~GA - A New Beginning (Red Book) pg. 13

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